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A solution for muscle tears and sprains alongside chronic and debilitating joint pains brought on by lifestyle/occupational hazards,
SET arrives as a complete and long term solution.

What Is SET?

SET is a well-tested set of Stretching & Strengthening Exercises, supervised by a qualified professional to ensure proper form & technique. Quite different from conventional  physiotherapy, SET technologies are used to increase motivation and support for patients with Chronic Aches and Pains.

What Does SET Involve?

Supervised Exercise Therapy involves 5 therapy sessions, of 20 minutes each; designed to experience the stretches, which has been found to be very effective in patients with Chronic Aches and Pains. Exercises involve stretching of the tight muscles, along with some strengthening. Electrotherapy may be included if found necessary.

Personalized treatment plans to suit problems
such as:

  • Back pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Heel Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Tennis elbow

What Are ACP & PRP?


Autologous Conditioned Plasma is a concentration of platelets and various essential growth factors that promote the body’s own natural ability to heal.


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is blood plasma, with a higher-than-normal concentration of platelets. Platelets contain hundreds of growth factors that stimulate the growth and repair of tissues.

How Does This Work?

  1.      The patient’s blood is drawn and transferred into a vial.
  2.      This is then processed in a centrifuge, where in the plasma is separated from the red blood cells.
  3.      The processed plasma is then injected into the area of pain by the physician.
  4.      Procedure takes about 45-60 minutes in the outpatient clinic.
  5.      Improvement begins about 4 weeks after the injection has been given.

What Makes This Treatment Special?

A minimally-invasive procedure, ACP/PRP treatment from MGM Healthcare, assures optimal results for patients who suffer from musculoskeletal disorders such as tears and sprains. ACP/PRP restores functionality and mobility in the affected areas.

Who Will Find ACP/PRP Treatment Beneficial?

Patients with:

SET + Injection

Package 1
ACP*/PRP* Kit Arthrex USA included
Physiotherapy Session 5 Sessions of SET
Physician Procedure Included
Cost Rs. 15,000/-
Package 2
Caudal Epidural Steroid Injection
Physiotherapy Session 5 Sessions of SET
Physician Procedure Included
Cost Rs. 8,000/-

SET Only

Package 3
Stretch & Strength plus Electrotherapy
Physiotherapy Session 5 Sessions of SET
Physician Procedure Included
Cost Rs.3,000/-


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