Diagnostic Radiology

Radiology is a branch of Medicine that uses imaging technology to diagnose and treat disease. It may be divided into two different areas — diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology. While diagnostic radiology involves the usage of imaging modalities like MRI and CT, interventional radiology involves the performance of minimally invasive procedures with image guidance. At MGM Healthcare, our expert diagnostic and interventional radiologists and technicians are equipped with the most advanced imaging technology, backed by well-established protocols.

  • State-of-the-art medical imaging technology for better quality images in a shorter time
  • Expertise in performing image-guided interventional procedures for cardiac, neurological and orthopaedic procedures
  • Skilled at performing minimally invasive procedures, reducing the need for a hospital stay

All Procedures in Diagnostic Radiology

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Radiology encompasses both diagnostic imaging and image-guided interventional procedures. Unlike most other specialties, you will first have to visit the appropriate specialty for your symptoms. Subsequently, you might be sent to Radiology in the following situations.

  • Injuries/fractures
  • Diagnosis of tumours in hard tissues
  • Visualisation of internal organs
  • Visualisation of soft tissues
  • Embolisation of AVMs/tumours
  • Unblocking blood vessels with stent
  • Fine needle aspiration/biopsies
  • Diagnosis of head/abdominal injuries
  • Diagnosis of tumours/cysts in soft tissues
  • Visualisation of bones and cartilage
  • Coiling and stenting of aneurysms
  • Identification of blocks in the blood vessels
  • Image-guided minimally-invasive procedure
  • Tumour ablation therapy

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